Dr. Aneika Simmons

Professor, Speaker, Author

About Dr. Simmons

Dr. Aneika Simmons is a Professor at Sam Houston State University. Her research interests are primarily related to creative performance, fairness, diversity issues, and individual differences. Dr. Simmons teaches courses about teamwork, leadership, organization behavior, and human resources at Sam Houston State University. She completed her doctorate degree in Organizational Behavior and Human Resources at Texas A&M University. Prior to pursuing her PhD, Dr. Simmons worked for Accenture and Cap Gemini Ernst and Young as an information technology consultant. She also has a Master’s degree in Organizational Communication from the University of Houston. As a professor, she presents her research at both domestic and international academic conferences.


Dr. Simmons is an accomplished speaker who has given talks at both business and technology conferences. Her topics include creativity, justice, and effectively managing teams. If you would like Dr. Simmons to speak at your event, please contact her, and she will be happy to find a fit between your needs and her background.

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Before pursuing her doctorate, Dr. Simmons worked for Accenture and Cap Gemini Ernst and Young as a management consultant. She combines her experience as a consultant with her acaedemic training to create novel solutions for her clients.


Dr. Simmons has written numerous articles on the topics of business and technology. She is skilled at taking complex ideas and explaining them in simple terms that everyone can undersand. Dr. Simmons can create content for your journal, newspaper, or periodical.